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Summertime Fun in Wayzata

summer in Wayzata

There is one place in Minneapolis that you simply cannot miss especially during summertime. Its location by the northern shores of the spectacular Lake Minnetonka entices the visitor to take to the waters and cool off from the summer heat. This is no other than the tourist-friendly city of Wayzata, where summer fun is taken to new heights.

Let’s check out what makes Wayzata a destination worth visiting for a cool reprieve from the punishing heat in the summer.

The Beachfront

Wayzata is the crown jewel of Minnetonka, one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. During the summer months, residents and visitors troop to Wayzata Beach for some sun-worshipping, picnicking, fishing, nature-tripping, water sports, and people-watching. Here are some events and destinations waiting for you:

  • Wayzata Beach Bash
  • Every July, events here go into high gear with the annual Wayzata Beach Bash. It’s a festival of swinging country music where performers take to an open-air stage and concert-goers are free to dance to the beat. It also comes complete with carnival rides, food stalls, jet ski competitions, and car shows.

  • Steamboat Minnehaha
  • Memories of Lake Minnetonka’s bygone days are revived in all its glory through the restored streetcar boat, the Minnehaha. First brought to service in 1906, it has been brought up from the depths of Lake Minnetonka. Now, it cruises on the said lake from the ports of Wayzata and Excelsior.

  • Sun & Slope
  • All that beach and sand – and you have nothing summery to wear? Fear not because Sun & Slope is in Wayzata to help you update your swimwear collection. This is the go-to place along Lake Street for those looking for quality outdoor apparel. The best thing about this retail store is that it has trendy clothes not just for summer but for any season.

The Dakota Rail Regional Trail

Make Leg Day count by going biking along the Dakota Rail Regional Trail. Not only do you get a great workout, but you also get to pass through a historical path called the Dakota Rail Corridor. The old railroad tracks have been covered and paved. Also, an extra 12.5 miles of pavement was added to the original trail to span a total of 13 miles. It will reopen by September after some infrastructure improvements.

The Cool Eats and Brews

  • Wayzata Ice Cream Shop
  • There’s probably nothing more inviting on a hot summer day than an ice cream cone in your favorite flavor to cool you down. In Wayzata, you can get your ice cream fix with pint upon pint of Ben and Jerry’s frozen delights. They also have ice cream cakes    and offer catering services.

  • Baja Haus
  • Summer is eternal here in this laid-back restaurant on Lake Street. Everything about it screams SUMMER from the interiors to the open bar area. Snag the freshest food options, take some selfies and groufies anywhere in this Instagrammable dining spot, and grab some cocktails oozing with a MexCal vibe – you won’t regret it!

  • 6Smith
  • Craving for the tastiest proteins and the freshest seafood preps on this side of Lake Minnetonka? Then 6Smith is willing to sate your craving with an epic meat and seafood menu selection. Thirsty? The cocktail bar is just as enticing with a full-blown menu of spirits to liven up your summer nights!

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