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Keys to a successful home sale

A happy couple celebrating because of the 1st house they bought
There are all sorts of tips on selling your home online, but what you really need is advice that can give you that sale quickly and at the best terms. The main challenge is to make your home stand out from all the other Edina homes for sale. I recommend you to try these for size:

The right realtor

Getting the right realtor is the most important tool you have to find out the best price for your home. Minneapolis realtors are generally skilled, but there will always be that special one who listens to your queries and keeps you updated on developments in your chosen real estate journey. A good real estate agent will use all the effective marketing tools to get your home sold, with the Internet as their weapon of choice. They will also have a strong network of collaborators in the industry who they can recommend for various stages of the home selling process. You can take your pick from their colleagues in the spheres of mortgages to home staging and professional photography.

Your home’s worth

If you want to take a rather brave approach, consider listing your home for less than what you know it’s worth. In theory, buyers will flock to your home and some will even make multiple bids, trying to outdo each other. In the frenzy, your home will be bid up to, and probably past, it’s worth. This strategy actually can work, though it’s not guaranteed. Do your research before trying something like this. Know the selling price of homes in your area that are similar to yours, and see how long those homes were in the market.

Cost vs. benefit in upgrades

Sellers are often tempted to put too much into their home for it to be in the best possible shape before a sale. While repainting the interior or replacing carpeting are cost-effective ways to attract buyers, putting in a new driveway, building a deck, or replacing all the windows with new ones are not.

Expensive upgrades are things you should have done a long time ago, instead of waiting until it was time to sell your home. Strike a balance between cost and benefit and ask your realtor for advice.

Choose the kitchen

If you’re going to upgrade any room in your home before a sale, consider the kitchen. If you can afford a fairly thorough upgrade, including cabinets, countertops, sink(s), and floor, then do it. If not, try a limited upgrade with just the counters, new doors (or paint color) for the cabinets, and a new sink. Why the kitchen? Other than the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the rooms buyers most critically judge. It basically carries the overall impression of the entire house.

Whatever you do to increase the sales price of your home, get an expert opinion to assure that actions you intend to make will indeed generate fruit. Then get the work done on your home and get it listed!

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