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How to make your relocation less stressful

You’ve packed your stuff, and now you’re moving on to bigger and better things in a new city. Before you upload the trip playlist and leave, keep in mind that relocations can be surprisingly stressful. Things affecting your move like a new job or a growing family can be pretty intense on their own. By thoroughly preparing ahead of time, however, you can make the move less of a struggle.

Research the neighborhood

Whether you’ve signed a contract, closed, or are still looking, it’s always a good idea to dig into the character of your new neighborhood. While sites like Zillow have created a new person-to-person market, a good real estate agent can peel back many layers for you. Why are apparently identical adjacent homes priced so differently? What sides of the hill receive light and when? If you’re looking at homes for sale on Lake Minnetonka, MN, you’ll want to know what commute times to Minneapolis look like in each season and how housing market trends have fluctuated over the last decade.

Of course, you can do a tremendous amount of research on your own. Look at the city’s tourism sites and chamber of commerce for a basic feel of the economy. Also look at local law enforcement sites to see what criminal activity might occur in the area. See if the area has a neighborhood association or Facebook neighborhood watch and safety group. You might also check if there are active hiking, crafting, or dodge ball meet up groups in the area.

Calculating costs

You know that moving will cost money, but boxes, packing materials, rental vans, and possible storage fees can add up, so make sure you create a budget. Will you need moving insurance? If you’re driving, what’s the price of gas this summer? Are you clear about the deposit amount and the price for utility installation with your new providers? Whether flying or driving, you may need to factor in an unexpected night or two in an Airbnb or hotel so have a few options on hand in case of a key mix-up or Google Maps fail.

You’ll also want to prepare for your new cost of living. What is the monthly rate of the local gym and yoga classes? Are groceries, restaurants, and theaters about the same? More than likely there will be a repair or two to navigate right away. And you may want to indulge in a few dinner or decoration splurges, just to make the place feel like home for you and your family.

The first few weeks

Change can be harder than you think, so stay organized and don’t hold unrealistic expectations for the first few days. Order out if possible and unpack only the essential items like bedding, towels, and personal items first. Then unpack box by box and room by room at a moderate pace, instead of portions of items here and there. Don’t worry about nonessential items like books and holiday decorations. You will feel far calmer and more successful by making the house look like a home first.

Searching for a new home in Lake Minnetonka, MN? Keep our tips for moving in mind and embark on your next adventure! Give me, Adam Fonda, a call today at 612-308-5008 or send a message to adam(dotted)fonda(at)lakesmn(dotted)com.